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Diary of a Melody

Paul Christopher-Diary of a Melody

Paul Christopher began his musical career by taking guitar lessons at the early age of eight. When he turned thirteen he switched to the piano and has been playing keyboards ever since.

During his teenage years he joined "The Solid Rock," a local Christian rock band in northeast New Jersey where he enjoyed writing and performing his original material at the young age of eighteen. He eventually relocated to Phoenix, AZ and began recording and producing his original material at Desert Sound Recording Studio with recording engineer Sandy Lamont. He submitted some of these songs to "The American Song Festival" and won numerous Honorable Mention Awards.

It was during this time that he met members of a local rock band named "Smokey," who eventually teamed up with him in the studio. Soon after, Paul Christopher became Smokey's keyboard player and lead singer.

During the late 1980's Paul, and the other members of the band, became good friends with Dave Pratt, an up-and-coming local disc jockey with the radio station 98 KUPD. Pratt took an interest in three of Paul's original tunes and continually aired "No More," "Relax And Take It Slow," and "Will The Comet Collide" on KUPD.

In the years to follow Paul began collaborating with lyricist Terry Gatesh and recorded numerous tunes at Sounder Recording Studio in California with producer Brian Mann (former keyboardist with Kenny Loggins) and producer John Florez. One particular song, "Lying Low," won a spot on 93.3 KDKB's Arizona Sounds Volume Seven album and was aired continually throughout the 1990's on KDKB. Soon after, Paul Christopher hooked up with local TV producer Mark Fournier and wrote the music and sang on a public service television commercial about child abuse, which aired nationally and later won a prestigious Mobius Award.

Today, Paul Christopher spends his time, writing, producing, and creating a musical library of all types of Film/TV scene music for Music Supervisors to choose from. His new CD, Diary of A Melody, released in September of 2008, is a reflection of his passionate musical direction into the Film/Televison market.

We at The Breeze are delighted to feature Paul's music on our playlist and to offer his CD for sale to you in our online store!

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